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About Almost Home Charities, Inc.
Our mission is to help worthy charities raise funds so they can continue doing what they do best in making a difference in their community. Our two primary goals are to help establish and facilitate an annual giving program within businesses or with individuals and then direct those funds to a select portfolio of needy charities. We help a specific and short list of not-for-profit organizations working with children and teens, those in poverty, the homeless, and animal rescue as examples. 

We will work with and educate businesses of any size in hopes of creating a culture of giving so we can then funnel those funds to the organizations most worthy and most needy. We show these donors the financial impact that annual giving will mean to them or their business, but most importantly, we show these participating businesses the direct result their gifts have made on the people and animals that their dollars have helped. We marry up real results with the dollars given and this is what makes AHC so unique. We strive to be the fundraising arm of charities needing assistance and we are the vehicle that businesses can use to create an annual giving program that impacts their community. We will show these donors on a quarterly or semiannual basis, which charities received their funds and what those funds accomplished. 

We are hopeful that through this type of communication,  we are able to create an incentive and a drive within these donors so they want to do more and feel good about it. We are searching for donors wanting to make a difference but who may not understand the most efficient ways to do it. We work on behalf of other organizations that are in need and perhaps don't know how to ask for assistance.  

We strive  to bring out the best in people; compassion - satisfaction - accomplishment. We provide feedback to those giving so as to show them through stories and pictures that they can make a difference in the life of someone in need or an abandoned, sick, or unwanted animal that deserves a second chance.
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