Almost Home Charities, Inc.
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Helping Others to Help Those in Need.
Because AHC is a qualified 501(c)3 organization, your donations are fully tax deductible.
Donating To Almost Home Charities is Easy!
We are thankful that you are entertaining the idea of helping those in need! We have numerous ways for you to conveniently give.

​1. We can set up a recurring withdrawl from your checking account. We can supply you with the paperwork and the guidance to do so.

2. Paypal/Credit Cards:  To the right is a "donate" button for one time donations as well as an "automatic billing" button for recurring giving. With these buttons, we have set up the ability for you to make a one time donation or a recurring monthly donation with your Paypal account or credit card.

3.  Checks: We are happy to accept checks made out and mailed to AHC.
        Almost Home Charities, Inc.
        4956 Summit Ridge Road
        Valdosta, GA 31602

4.  Face to Face: Depending on your physical location, one of our representatives could meet with you in person at your place of work or at a public location so as to process a credit card or debit card payment if that is something you would prefer.

With your donation, you are entitled to receive feedback on specifics of where your donations are helping. If you go to the Contact Us page after your donation is complete, and then put your information in, we will match your donation with your contact information and send you the updates on those you help. 

Thank you!
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